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Study items and internships

For bachelor's and master students the Garden provides study items and internships.

  • Study of the behavior of the feral geese in relation to environmental conditions lawn characteristics
  • Collecting information on Central African plant families with ethnobotanical interest.
  • Macromolecular phylogenetic research
  • Mapping lichen diversity as an indicator of environmental stress
  • Revision of the fungi genus Phaeocollybia in Belgium
  • Inquiry based education
  • Market research at the National Botanic Garden

For more details and contacts about these study items, download this PDF file.

For more information regarding master thesis topics at the University of Antwerp, please download the following PDF file

The Botanic Garden offers you the opportunity to work for a while with the researchers of this scientific institute, to use its collections and accomodation. We ask students to bring in the signed agreement of their University or College. We expect to have a copy of the report in the end. The Botanic Garden Meise gives no financial support in any way, even not for transport!




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