List the Living Plant Collections : Index of Families

Acanthaceae:122 taxa
Aceraceae:112 taxa
Acoraceae:4 taxa
Actinidiaceae:6 taxa
Adiantaceae:9 taxa
Adoxaceae:1 taxon
Agavaceae:299 taxa
Aizoaceae:274 taxa
Alangiaceae:1 taxon
Alismataceae:11 taxa
Alliaceae:64 taxa
Altingiaceae:6 taxa
Amaranthaceae:24 taxa
Amaryllidaceae:155 taxa
Amborellaceae:1 taxon
Amygdalaceae:49 taxa
Anacardiaceae:59 taxa
Anemiaceae:1 taxon
Angiopteridaceae:2 taxa
Annonaceae:22 taxa
Apiaceae:70 taxa
Apocynaceae:127 taxa
Aponogetonaceae:1 taxon
Aquifoliaceae:46 taxa
Araceae:418 taxa
Araliaceae:82 taxa
Araucariaceae:13 taxa
Arecaceae:131 taxa
Aristolochiaceae:18 taxa
Asclepiadaceae:103 taxa
Asparagaceae:4 taxa
Aspidiaceae:49 taxa
Aspleniaceae:10 taxa
Asteraceae:477 taxa
Athyriaceae:13 taxa
Averrhoaceae:2 taxa
Avicenniaceae:1 taxon
Balsaminaceae:80 taxa
Basellaceae:7 taxa
Begoniaceae:214 taxa
Berberidaceae:128 taxa
Betulaceae:100 taxa
Bignoniaceae:45 taxa
Bischofiaceae:1 taxon
Bixaceae:1 taxon
Blechnaceae:13 taxa
Bombacaceae:23 taxa
Boraginaceae:54 taxa
Brachytheciaceae:1 taxon
Brassicaceae:99 taxa
Brexiaceae:2 taxa
Bromeliaceae:294 taxa
Bruniaceae:1 taxon
Bryaceae:2 taxa
Buddlejaceae:19 taxa
Burseraceae:12 taxa
Butomaceae:3 taxa
Buxaceae:27 taxa
Byblidaceae:2 taxa
Cactaceae:965 taxa
Caesalpiniaceae:70 taxa
Callitrichaceae:1 taxon
Calycanthaceae:6 taxa
Campanulaceae:49 taxa
Canellaceae:1 taxon
Cannabaceae:2 taxa
Cannaceae:33 taxa
Capparaceae:18 taxa
Caprifoliaceae:234 taxa
Caricaceae:11 taxa
Caryocaraceae:1 taxon
Caryophyllaceae:66 taxa
Casuarinaceae:1 taxon
Cecropiaceae:7 taxa
Celastraceae:73 taxa
Cephalotaceae:1 taxon
Cephalotaxaceae:7 taxa
Ceratophyllaceae:1 taxon
Cercidiphyllaceae:4 taxa
Characeae:1 taxon
Chenopodiaceae:14 taxa
Chloranthaceae:1 taxon
Chrysobalanaceae:1 taxon
Cistaceae:20 taxa
Clethraceae:12 taxa
Clusiaceae:14 taxa
Cneoraceae:1 taxon
Combretaceae:17 taxa
Commelinaceae:55 taxa
Connaraceae:2 taxa
Conocephalaceae:1 taxon
Convolvulaceae:18 taxa
Coriariaceae:3 taxa
Cornaceae:55 taxa
Corynocarpaceae:1 taxon
Costaceae:45 taxa
Crassulaceae:643 taxa
Cryptogrammaceae:3 taxa
Cucurbitaceae:31 taxa
Cunoniaceae:1 taxon
Cupressaceae:180 taxa
Cyanastraceae:2 taxa
Cyatheaceae:5 taxa
Cycadaceae:5 taxa
Cyclanthaceae:9 taxa
Cyperaceae:70 taxa
Daphniphyllaceae:1 taxon
Datiscaceae:1 taxon
Davalliaceae:11 taxa
Davidiaceae:1 taxon
Dennstaedtiaceae:3 taxa
Diapensiaceae:1 taxon
Dichapetalaceae:2 taxa
Dicksoniaceae:4 taxa
Didiereaceae:10 taxa
Dilleniaceae:1 taxon
Dioscoreaceae:12 taxa
Dipsacaceae:16 taxa
Droseraceae:41 taxa
Ebenaceae:17 taxa
Ehretiaceae:4 taxa
Elaeagnaceae:14 taxa
Elaeocarpaceae:4 taxa
Elaphoglossaceae:6 taxa
Ephedraceae:12 taxa
Equisetaceae:6 taxa
Ericaceae:581 taxa
Eriocaulaceae:1 taxon
Erythroxylaceae:2 taxa
Escalloniaceae:9 taxa
Eucommiaceae:1 taxon
Eucryphiaceae:4 taxa
Euphorbiaceae:800 taxa
Eupteleaceae:3 taxa
Euryalaceae:3 taxa
Fabaceae:217 taxa
Fagaceae:169 taxa
Flacourtiaceae:24 taxa
Fouquieriaceae:5 taxa
Francoaceae:2 taxa
Fumariaceae:13 taxa
Garryaceae:1 taxon
Gentianaceae:6 taxa
Geraniaceae:178 taxa
Gesneriaceae:109 taxa
Ginkgoaceae:5 taxa
Globulariaceae:4 taxa
Gnetaceae:1 taxon
Goodeniaceae:1 taxon
Greyiaceae:1 taxon
Grossulariaceae:29 taxa
Gunneraceae:2 taxa
Haemodoraceae:3 taxa
Haloragaceae:3 taxa
Hamamelidaceae:63 taxa
Heliconiaceae:21 taxa
Hemionitidaceae:3 taxa
Hernandiaceae:2 taxa
Hippocastanaceae:30 taxa
Hippuridaceae:1 taxon
Hydrangeaceae:205 taxa
Hydrocharitaceae:2 taxa
Hydrophyllaceae:7 taxa
Hypericaceae:27 taxa
Hypnaceae:1 taxon
Hypolepidaceae:2 taxa
Hypoxidaceae:7 taxa
Icacinaceae:7 taxa
Illiciaceae:2 taxa
Iridaceae:235 taxa
Iteaceae:4 taxa
Juglandaceae:24 taxa
Juncaceae:18 taxa
Juncaginaceae:1 taxon
Lacistemataceae:1 taxon
Lamiaceae:221 taxa
Lardizabalaceae:6 taxa
Lauraceae:18 taxa
Lecythidaceae:4 taxa
Leeaceae:3 taxa
Leguminosae:1 taxon
Lemnaceae:1 taxon
Lentibulariaceae:76 taxa
Liliaceae:812 taxa
Limnanthaceae:1 taxon
Linaceae:7 taxa
Loasaceae:2 taxa
Lobeliaceae:14 taxa
Loganiaceae:5 taxa
Lomariopsidaceae:2 taxa
Lowiaceae:1 taxon
Lunulariaceae:1 taxon
Lycopodiaceae:1 taxon
Lygodiaceae:1 taxon
Lythraceae:21 taxa
Magnoliaceae:105 taxa
Malaceae:276 taxa
Malpighiaceae:6 taxa
Malvaceae:86 taxa
Marantaceae:69 taxa
Marcgraviaceae:4 taxa
Marchantiaceae:1 taxon
Marsileaceae:4 taxa
Martyniaceae:3 taxa
Melastomataceae:26 taxa
Meliaceae:21 taxa
Melianthaceae:5 taxa
Menispermaceae:14 taxa
Menyanthaceae:2 taxa
Mimosaceae:77 taxa
Mniaceae:1 taxon
Monimiaceae:1 taxon
Monotropaceae:1 taxon
Moraceae:157 taxa
Morinaceae:1 taxon
Moringaceae:2 taxa
Musaceae:20 taxa
Myoporaceae:2 taxa
Myricaceae:3 taxa
Myristicaceae:1 taxon
Myrsinaceae:15 taxa
Myrtaceae:90 taxa
Napoleonaeaceae:1 taxon
Nelumbonaceae:2 taxa
Nepenthaceae:75 taxa
Nephrolepidaceae:12 taxa
Neuradaceae:1 taxon
Nolanaceae:2 taxa
Nyctaginaceae:25 taxa
Nymphaeaceae:38 taxa
Nyssaceae:6 taxa
Ochnaceae:4 taxa
Oleaceae:152 taxa
Oleandraceae:1 taxon
Onagraceae:72 taxa
Onocleaceae:4 taxa
Orchidaceae:930 taxa
Orobanchaceae:2 taxa
Osmundaceae:5 taxa
Oxalidaceae:12 taxa
Paeoniaceae:175 taxa
Pandanaceae:12 taxa
Papaveraceae:40 taxa
Parkeriaceae:1 taxon
Passifloraceae:27 taxa
Pedaliaceae:11 taxa
Pelliaceae:1 taxon
Periplocaceae:2 taxa
Philesiaceae:2 taxa
Philydraceae:1 taxon
Phyllanthaceae:1 taxon
Phytolaccaceae:9 taxa
Pinaceae:153 taxa
Piperaceae:93 taxa
Pittosporaceae:9 taxa
Plantaginaceae:10 taxa
Platanaceae:10 taxa
Plumbaginaceae:15 taxa
Poaceae:185 taxa
Podocarpaceae:15 taxa
Polemoniaceae:23 taxa
Polygalaceae:1 taxon
Polygonaceae:63 taxa
Polypodiaceae:107 taxa
Pontederiaceae:5 taxa
Portulacaceae:27 taxa
Potaliaceae:1 taxon
Potamogetonaceae:3 taxa
Primulaceae:52 taxa
Proteaceae:30 taxa
Psilotaceae:1 taxon
Pteridaceae:14 taxa
Punicaceae:4 taxa
Ranunculaceae:150 taxa
Resedaceae:5 taxa
Restionaceae:13 taxa
Rhamnaceae:37 taxa
Rhizophoraceae:7 taxa
Rosaceae:455 taxa
Rubiaceae:283 taxa
Ruscaceae:5 taxa
Rutaceae:80 taxa
Salicaceae:56 taxa
Salviniaceae:2 taxa
Sambucaceae:14 taxa
Santalaceae:1 taxon
Sapindaceae:33 taxa
Sapotaceae:23 taxa
Sarraceniaceae:52 taxa
Saururaceae:3 taxa
Saxifragaceae:123 taxa
Schisandraceae:3 taxa
Sciadopityaceae:1 taxon
Scrophulariaceae:129 taxa
Selaginellaceae:21 taxa
Simaroubaceae:8 taxa
Sinopteridaceae:8 taxa
Smilacaceae:6 taxa
Solanaceae:144 taxa
Sparganiaceae:2 taxa
Sphenocleaceae:1 taxon
Stachyuraceae:3 taxa
Stangeriaceae:1 taxon
Staphyleaceae:8 taxa
Sterculiaceae:37 taxa
Stilaginaceae:1 taxon
Strelitziaceae:8 taxa
Stylidiaceae:1 taxon
Styracaceae:14 taxa
Symplocaceae:1 taxon
Taccaceae:4 taxa
Tamaricaceae:7 taxa
Taxaceae:27 taxa
Tetracentraceae:1 taxon
Theaceae:95 taxa
Thelypteridaceae:6 taxa
Theophrastaceae:7 taxa
Thymelaeaceae:19 taxa
Tiliaceae:48 taxa
Tovariaceae:1 taxon
Trapaceae:1 taxon
Trochodendraceae:1 taxon
Tropaeolaceae:4 taxa
Turneraceae:1 taxon
Typhaceae:5 taxa
Ulmaceae:29 taxa
Urticaceae:41 taxa
Valerianaceae:10 taxa
Velloziaceae:4 taxa
Verbenaceae:68 taxa
Violaceae:19 taxa
Viscaceae:2 taxa
Vitaceae:72 taxa
Vittariaceae:1 taxon
Welwitschiaceae:2 taxa
Winteraceae:2 taxa
Xanthorrhoeaceae:4 taxa
Xyridaceae:2 taxa
Zamiaceae:51 taxa
Zingiberaceae:68 taxa
Zygophyllaceae:6 taxa
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